From the uniquely handcrafted to the epic endeavor,
no project is to big nor too intricate!
Designer On Computer

Let us take your vision into reality! We can work with your design team, or work up a plan from scratch. From form and function to the finishing details! 

Frank Loyd Wright  Mission Cabinet.JPG
Frank Loyd Wright  Mission Cabinet.JPG

Some jobs require and artist's touch! Antique restoration and replication, hand crafted creations, and personalized touches make for the perfect fit. 

Engineering Sketch

When volume and precision are required, computer aided machining and milling will get the job done!  

What We Can Do For You

  • Custom Furniture

    • Restoration​

    • Recreation

    • Modern

  • Custom Mill Work ​

    • Design

    • Finishing

  • Custom Materials​

    • Exotic Wood Species

    • Specialty Laminate

    • Upholstery 

  • Custom Projects​​

    • Bar Design​

    • Garage & Playrooms

    • Fireplace Surrounds

    • Cabinetry and Built-ins

    • Toys​ and Accents

    • Storage and Workspaces

    • Showcases and Displays

    • Holiday Decor

    • Repairs and Updates

  • Specialty Projects​​

    • Live Edge​

    • Resin Pours

    • Mechanical 

    • Machining

  • Specialty Accents

    • Lighting​

    • Framing

    • Glass

    • Stone

    • Metal

    • Paint